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Mental Health


  • Nutrition and Fitness Workshops, in four Hispanic-neighborhood Public Schools for the school year, are provided to Parents and Students to reinforce nutrition and fitness that are government standards.

  • The key to healthy choices by Hispanic children is to teach parents why and how health, nutrition and fitness decisions are so important in the lives and longevity of their children.

  • Effectiveness will be measured by behavioral changes of parents in their food shopping, cooking, hydration, and fitness habits at the end of the year.

  • Launching the first of its kind customizing of pantry shelves with items that Hispanic users are familiar with for use in their typical Latino dishes.

  • Backpack Program provides low-income children with food for a family of 4 for weekends during the school year. 

  • Mobile Food Pantry Launch that visits low-income Hispanic neighborhoods  providing, Cooking Demonstrations using  provided food, Nutrition Classes on making healthy food choices, Fitness Workshops for the entire family 

  • Common mental health conditions among Latinos are a generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and excessive use of alcohol and drugs. Additionally, suicide is a concern among Latino Youth.

  • The prevalence of depression in Latino women 46% higher than of Latino men which is 19.6% (NAMI)

  • According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2017, 19% of people identifying as Hispanic had no form of health insurance.

  • They have trusted members of the community who can be trained on skills to better guide vulnerable populations to access care and disease management.

  • Teen Promotoras started because their Promotora mother wanted them to continue their path. Both Promotoras and their children work together to educate their community.

  • In their own way, Teen Promotoras are able to educate themselves on health issues such as diabetes, obesity and mental health. 

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