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Meet Melwin "El Hobologo" Pagan 

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Melwin Pagán, better known in his country as Melwin Herbologist, is a Biotechnologist and Expert in medicinal plants by profession. His latest release, The Herbologist's Apothecary, an information-packed book that became a bestseller within days of its release, speaks volumes about what he does. His main focus is to promote healthy lifestyles, the use of medicinal plants as alternative therapy (phototherapy), and disease prevention through natural medicine.


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This a fascinating book that immerses you in the world of medicinal plants and phytotherapy (therapy through infusions or teas), helping you to learn how they work in our body, recipes from our ancestors and grandparents to treat minor conditions, such as having a better lifestyle and healthier. In short, a Bestseller that you will undoubtedly love and will teach you to see the world from natural medicine.



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